IceCOLD® is a synthetic catalyst, engineered specifically to eliminate oil fouling, a problem that occurs in all air conditioning and refrigeration systems. IceCOLD®  formula uniquely restores lost cooling efficiency and protects air conditioning equipment. In most systems, it is installed once and lasts for the life of the system. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, GREEN technology.

Discovered by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), it seriously impacts the efficiency of cooling equipment, resulting in increased costs and higher utility bills.

Oil fouling is a significant factor in bottom line energy costs for a full spectrum of business and industry, including Government buildings, schools, hospitals, businesses and residential homes.

  • Cost-Effective & Risk Free                                                                 
  • Average 20+% Energy Efficiency Improvement

IceCOLD® allows a system to produce colder vent air which cools spaces and refrigeration units faster, reducing compressor running times. Reduced compressor running times means lower electricity consumption and fewer carbon emissions.

Primary Catalyst

  • Improves efficiency of heat exchange by removing Oil Fouling and preventing it from reforming

  • Efficiency improvements create large fuel/kWh savings or faster processing times

Secondary Catalyst

  • Causes refrigerant evaporation at lower temperature

  • System reaches set-point more quickly, decreasing equipment run time

Advanced Lubricant Agent

  • Mixes with existing compressor oils and improves lubricity by 54% (SAE test results)



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