SUBER by Kolmer™            

Suber is a patented exterior coating system manufactured from 96% high-grade raw cork and a proprietary highly adhesive water-based acrylic resin. It has superior thermal and acoustic insulative properties, is UV resistant, and impervious to wind-driven rain while maintaining healthy water-vapor transmission. This unique combination allows for optimal protection of the substrate while permitting natural curing to occur. Naturally, cork is deterrent to insects, mold or mildew growth, fire retardant, and is a 100% renewable natural resource.

SUBER has an extremely low thermal conductivity property, deterring heat and cold buildup, allowing the coating to remain comfortable to the touch in extreme environmental conditions. This attribute contributes significantly to an average of 15-25% energy savings.     Aesthetically, our system presents a consistent surface appearance with superior adhesion directly to substrates with minimal preparation. Unlike stucco, EIFS, and other rigid coatings, it is highly resistant to surface cracking due to its characteristic of remaining pliable and expandable.

SUBER is offered in a full range of integral, ultra UV resistant color choices, eliminating the need for post application field painting, thus reducing application labor expense and cycle time of project completion. If desired, the coating can be field painted as well.


Seal Away     

Seal Away provides a superior sealing and protective coating for OSB, wall surfaces, concrete and masonry, roofs, traffic-bearing surfaces, pools, pavers, and other similar design elements.

Seal Away is UV resistant, permits water-vapor transmission while impervious to wind-driven rain, and maintains high elasticity and resistance to cracking, fading and peeling. This unique combination allows for optimal protection of a variety of substrates and can be applied over a surface previously treated with Suber for added protection and aesthetics.    


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